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Thomas Tuchel is completely served: „This is a big step backwards for us!“

Photo by CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP via Getty Images

After the defeat in the Champions League against Manchester City, Bayern suffered another setback in the Bundesliga a few days later. The Munich team lost two important points in the title race with a 1-1 draw against Hoffenheim. Thomas Tuchel was visibly displeased after the game.

While Tuchel was still protective of his team during the week, after the 0:3 against ManCity, the 49-year-old was much more critical after the 1-1 draw against Hoffenheim. The FCB coach looked visibly disappointed: „I thought we were prepared, that we would play with anger in our stomachs. That was not the case, it was bad! Too slow, too emotionless, not dogged.“

„We need a different spirit quickly!“

According to Tuchel, Bayern need to work on their attitude and demeanour on the pitch above all: „We lack the sense that it’s on fire! We need a different spirit quickly!“

From the Bayern coach’s point of view, today’s game against Hoffenheim was a step in the wrong direction: „This is definitely a big step backwards. Today was the moment to go one better, to inspire confidence, to ignite energy in the stadium as well. We didn’t manage to do all that. That’s very surprising, we lacked everything today.“

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