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Nagelsmann on Musiala: ‚That was World-Class‘

Julian Nagelsmann
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Thanks to TZ München and Sky Sports, we can capture Julian Nagelsmann’s opinions on Jamal Musiala’s weltklasse performance in Leipzig and other comments made in post-match interviews following the 5-3 victory


Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach) after the game on Sky and Sat1 about…

…Sadio Mané: „He is extremely helpful to the team, humble and down to earth. He has an extraordinary character. He played an incredibly good game today. He’s also the guy who would knock on the office door. There are certainly some things that he experienced that I haven’t experienced.“

…Robert Lewandowski: „You shouldn’t step in and be eternally grateful to Lewy. But now we are very variable, that’s not so easy to defend.“

…the shaky final phase: „It was tight at the back. We did very well in the first half. Leipzig defended very deeply, so we had plenty of time to create chances. From the 60th minute you could see that we had run out a bit, that we’ve only been in training for 19 days. Nevertheless, we deserved to win, there’s no question about that. For me at least.

… the season: „We wanted to send a signal today, not to the outside world, but to ourselves. We trained very well this week.“

…a regular place for Jamal Musiala: „Of course that has a lot to do with him. If he plays like today, then he is indispensable. He played an outstanding preparation, very diligently. He has increased defensively. That was world class today!”

…Leroy Sané: „He’s played a lot better in the last week and a half. He’s a great person and an outstanding footballer, he scored a great goal. Of course we can get him. We have to work on it together.”

…Marco Neppe, who takes Salihamidzic’s place on the bench: „Hasan is of course a very emotional person, which is sometimes good, but sometimes not. I have a very good relationship with both of them. In the end, it’s Hasan’s decision to take a different perspective.“

… Lewandowski’s accusations of lying: „I don’t know. I’ll see him on Tuesday and I’ll ask him. I wasn’t present at the negotiations and I don’t know what happened. It was also an interview in English, which often sounds different than in the mother tongue. I assume the Lewy statement wasn’t that bad.“


Sadio Mané (FC Bayern player) after the game on Sky about…

…his debut: „I’m very happy to have scored my first goal for Bayern. This is my dream. I’m looking forward to more titles.“

… his goal: „Good template from Serge (Gnabry), we train that. If he has the ball, I have to be in the penalty area. I knew I would get the pass.”

…his first days at Bayern: „I’m really happy to be at this great club. It’s an honor and I’m very happy. I’m looking forward to the future. We have to get even better, then we can win a lot of titles.”

…Alphonso Davies: “A great guy. One of my favorite colleagues. The whole team is fantastic.”


Serge Gnabry (FC Bayern player) after the game on Sky about…

…the game: „In the end defect we are happy about the title. We were outstanding in the first half. In the second half, Leipzig come close again, we can’t let that happen.“

…his more central role in attack : „Having the space in the middle in front of the goal suits me. Over time it becomes much more well-established, it’s fun.“

…the goals for the season: „We have big plans. We want to win the Bundesliga and the cup and also go far in the Champions League. The title was a good start.”


Domenico Tedesco (RB Leipzig coach) after the game on Sky about…

…the game: „Bayern deserved to win today, they played to their strengths in the first half. The arrows come from the left, right, that’s crazy. The opponent was very good and made few mistakes. We were too hesitant when conceding goals, so we need to clarify that better.”

… the race to catch up after the break: “We changed things up a bit and wanted to try something before the league started. In the end we were closer to 4:4 than Bayern were to 5:3.”

… the defeat: “It is clear that we have a good team, but everyone has to be at 100 percent. But that shouldn’t be an excuse, we have to improve and bring the boys to a good level.“

…Leipzig’s role as a challenger: „You could see today that Bayern are the absolute favorites this season. You could see that Bayern is there and has strengthened again.“

…Max Eberl: „It’s really difficult to say anything about that. This is all speculation in which I have no part.


Oliver Mintzlaff (Managing Director RB Leipzig) after the game on Sky about…

…the game: „It wasn’t a good first half, we were far too scared and have to defend the goals we conceded better. Second half was much better. Bayern are a top team, we knew that beforehand. In the first competitive game it’s a direct game against FC Bayern, it’s not that easy.“

…David Raum: „He’s still a player at TSG Hoffenheim. We are in good talks. We see the goal in sight, it could happen in the next few days. We are on the home straight.”

…Max Eberl: “We don’t comment on names. We have a clear plan. But we don’t have a signature with any candidate yet.“

Laimer: „We are in good talks with the player. We saw how important he is to our game. It is also known that we are talking to Bayern. The player and we can imagine going into a final year of contract without extending it.”


Julian Nagelsmann (FC Bayern coach) before the game on Sky about…

…his clothes for the game: „I heard black is supposed to radiate strength, that’s always possible.“

…the new Bavarians: „You can only say that afterwards or when the season is underway. We’ve strengthened well. Also personalities who will do us good. But the new ones still need time. I, too, am happy about the new Bavarians.”

…the basic formation: „We will try to be up front with more staff than just Sadio (Mané). Without Robert we no longer have the fixed point, now we have many players who can move variably.“

…the pressure to succeed: „I don’t know. I also wanted to be champions in Hoffenheim. I want to get through in the cup and the Champions League. The success I set myself is certainly higher than last year.”


Hasan Salihamidzic (Sports Director FC Bayern) before the game on Sky about…

…the transfer phase: „There was a lot going on. The transfer period ends on August 31, we have done a lot.”

…the preparation: „We are all satisfied with how it went, we had good preparation with the US tour.“

… the expensive transfers: „We also had a few departures, so we tried to invest something and strengthen our team.“

…the loss of Robert Lewandowski: „That’s the job of the whole team. We now have eight offensive players who can spread 50 goals on their shoulders. They are all in demand now.”

… a missing number nine: „The coach is part of the squad planning. We have discussed it and will see how we can implement it.“

… Lewandowski’s accusation of lying: „I can’t understand that at all. All I know is that my dad taught me not to shut the door with my butt. He’ll come next week, then we’ll talk about it.

… a possible mud fight with Lewandowski: „I’m polarized differently, you saw that in this transfer period. We always wanted to treat each other with respect and seriously. Statements from Barcelona were also not ok. Liverpool spoke well to us. We also had good talks with Juve and Ajax. It’s not up to us, we finished well.“

…Sadio Mané: „He has fitted in very well, he has shown that he is a world-class player. We are happy that he is with us.”

…Leipzigs Laimer: „Tonight is not the right setting to talk about it. I don’t like talking to players who are under contract elsewhere.“

…his new place in the stands: “I thought about it for a long time. That’s why I brought Marco Neppe into the team. I get a different angle and perspective, it was the right time.

… the Supercup duel: „We can set an exclamation mark.“


Oliver Kahn (CEO FC Bayern) before the game on Sat1 about…

… the upheaval: „It was important that we drew the right conclusions from last season. We’ve added a world-class player in Sadio. We wanted to create competition in all parts of the team. We are measured by our success: by the league, the cup and the Champions League.”

…RB Leipzig: “They are a very, very big competitor for us. Leipzig is a championship candidate. The season will be a marathon from day one. Everyone here is keen to defend the title.”

…Konrad Laimer: “Oli and I are always in good conversations. There is nothing more to say about it at the moment.”


Oliver Mintzlaff (Managing Director RB Leipzig) before the game at Sat1 about…

…David Raum: „He’s basically a player for 1899 Hoffenheim. But we had good talks and are now on the home straight.”

…the rumors about Max Eberl: “There may be many rumors every day. We are in good talks with several candidates, but no one has signed it yet. We won’t comment further.“

…Konrad Laimer: „FC Bayern is interested, the situation is quite relaxed for us. We can also imagine going into the last year of his contract with him. There is no Basta from me today. There will be a timely solution.”


Domenico Tedesco (RB Leipzig coach) before the game on Sky about…

…the next title chance with the Supercup: „It would be a good start to the season. There are worse games to test the level of performance. When we have the German champions as guests, that’s a good test. But we want to play for the trophy until the end.”

…his feeling for the preparation for the season: „Honestly, I don’t know, I have no idea. We had different starting points, the national players came back week after week, I’m excited.“

…David Raum: “That didn’t get through to me. Raum is still a Hoffenheim player, so we respect the player and the club. We focus and concentrate on our players, that has something to do with decency.”

…Angelino: „He’s not in the squad because he wants to clarify his future. That’s why he’s unavailable.“

…Laimer and Kampl: “They are like twins. The two are a bit more experienced than the others, that’s why we start in that way.“



This article was originally published by TZ München and is republished here for informative purposes

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