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Why Kane is disappointed about Tuchel leaving Bayern

Harry Kane
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Harry Kane is constantly proving how valuable he is to FC Bayern. Now it is known how the Englishman feels about his separation from coach Thomas Tuchel.

Is Harry Kane not completely happy at FC Bayern after all? According to information from the Englishman’s circle at kicker, the star striker is somewhat disappointed about the imminent departure of coach Thomas Tuchel in the summer.

After all, as a member of the transfer council known as the „Sport Committee“, Tuchel was involved in signing Kane for 100 million euros last summer.

After Kane’s treble against Mainz, Tuchel raved about his striker: „It’s a gift to be able to coach him.“

Kane would probably also like to continue training under Tuchel. Kane is one of the coach’s advocates in the Bayern squad. This group also includes Manuel Neuer, Aleksandar Pavlovic, Raphael Guerreiro and Min-Jae Kim, who Tuchel himself recently mentioned by name.

Tuchel believes Kane can set a record

However, according to kicker, there is no danger that Kane will now harbour thoughts of leaving in light of his separation from Tuchel. The 30-year-old is too much of a professional for that.

Kane’s five goals in the last two games against Lazio Rome and Mainz are not the only proof that he is not letting himself down. He is even said to have given a dressing room speech before the Lazio game.

What’s more, Kane can still achieve something personally this season. After 30 goals in 25 Bundesliga games, Robert Lewandowski’s historic 41-goal record is no longer out of the question. He would therefore have to score eleven goals in the remaining nine games.

„I have every confidence in Harry,“ said Tuchel when asked whether Kane will equal Lewandowski’s record: „He’s doing what he’s always done throughout his career. He scores, he’s a role model, he’s a great personality.“

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