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„Interpretations out of thin air“ – Oliver Kahn responds to his reaction on Barcelona draw

Oliver Kahn
Photo: Getty Images

The rematch between Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League shocked and surprised the whole football fans who were watching the draw live. Club CEO Oliver Kahn faced backlash for his reaction.

As soon as Bayern Munich drew Barcelona, there was small giggling from Oliver Kahn, which immediately went viral. To some, Kahn’s reaction was funny and understandable. To some others, it was a „lack of respect“.

Catalan newspaper „SPORT“ described his reaction as such from the „chairman of Bayern Munich“, where respect is to be expected. Oliver Kahn was quick to respond to the allegations and denied any form of „disrespect“.

„This interpretation is clearly out of thin air. Robert Lewandowski left us for FC Barcelona just a few weeks ago, and the draw brought us back, said Kahn.

„I only smiled at such coincidences in football. I have the utmost respect for Robert and FC Barcelona, ​​these games will be a celebration for fans of both teams and football fans in general“

Of course, anybody who knows how the real situation is, would not make an exaggeration about it. But it is known for years that the Spanish and Catalan press love to create unnecessary drama that would make Barcelona fans even more excited and angry.

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