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Report: Bayern open to selling Lewandowski as it would make them more flexible

Robert Lewandowski
Photo: Getty Images

Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been reported that Bayern Munich will not sell Lewandowski in the summer under any circumstances. Now it seems like the stance might have changed. 

„I definitely rule out Lewandowski leaving the club in the summer,“ said sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic recently with a clear statement that Bayern do not want to sell the striker this summer.

In the meantime, Lewandowski’s frustration only seems to grow further, as he feels he is being held hostage. According to ‚BILD‘, the striker is visibly annoyed by his current situation in Munich. The board and the teammates have already noticed his behavior. The leadership is already doubting whether it makes sense to keep the Polish forward against his will and fear that it might cause unrest in the dressing room.

Although Lewandowski is still valuable for Bayern Munich, there is a thought within the club that the sale of Lewandowski could have a positive outcome. Bayern’s game for years and the attack have been dependent on Lewandowski’s game. The club is considering the opportunity that the sale would give to the club in terms of gameplay.

If Lewandowski is to leave in the summer, the club thinks that it would make them more unpredictable and more flexible in the attack. The wingers could develop and become bigger goalscoring threats.

According to BILD, a Lewandowski sale is no longer ruled out if Bayern receive around 35 to 40 million euros. Apparently, Barcelona would be willing to pay the amount.

Bayern must now carefully consider what a Lewandowski departure would mean. On one hand, the club would receive a fee and free off major wages. But on the other hand, a top replacement would be needed, which is not easy to find

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