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After pyro show against Arsenal: Are Bayern threatened with another fan ban?

Herbert Hainer
Foto: Getty Images

The recent pyrotechnics display by FC Bayern Munich fans at the Champions League match against Arsenal could once again have far-reaching consequences. While the Munich team celebrated their victory on the pitch, the incidents in the stands caused potential unrest ahead of the upcoming semi-final against Real Madrid.

Before the 1-0 victory that secured the team’s place in the Champions League semi-finals, the Allianz Arena witnessed fireworks of a different kind: FC Bayern fans set off pyrotechnics on a grand scale. This was not the first time this had happened, as similar actions had already been seen at previous matches. Bayern president Herbert Hainer expressed optimism that UEFA could refrain from imposing further penalties. „If UEFA is enthusiastic about football, which I assume it is, then it will let this pass,“ said Hainer.

Despite this hope, BILD reports that the incidents will definitely be mentioned in the official match report, which has been forwarded to the UEFA Disciplinary Committee. The committee will now discuss whether to launch an investigation and how to react to the repeated offences. In the past, UEFA has responded to similar actions with fines and fan exclusions.

Ultras to UEFA: „Get out of our stadium“

The Munich supporters also sent a clear signal against UEFA with their pyro show in response to a previous penalty at the Emirates Stadium in London. A banner with the inscription „We don’t like you either. Exclude UEFA. Get out of our stadium“ emphasised the fans‘ critical stance.

Although President Hainer emphasised that such actions were not in the interests of the club, he overlooked the irregularities in view of the success. „Of course we don’t like it, because UEFA always penalises us for it. But today is such a nice day that we can look past it.“

Nevertheless, the question remains as to how UEFA will react to the latest incidents. Another fan exclusion in the semi-final match against Real Madrid would be a major blow for FC Bayern. UEFA takes incidents involving pyrotechnics very seriously, as set out in Article 16, paragraph 2 of its Statutes. Accordingly, the latest actions could not only lead to penalties, but also jeopardise the safety of fans and players.

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