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💸 No one has collected as many Champions League bonuses as FC Bayern

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With six wins from six matches, FC Bayern achieved the perfect CL group stage last year. The strong sporting performance also made itself felt financially: No other club has collected more bonuses in the Champions League this season than the German record champions. In the knockout phase, Bayern can look forward to millions more.

The UEFA Champions League is not only one of the most attractive football competitions in the world in sporting terms, the top division is also a lucrative source of income for the clubs. As reported by the Deutsche Presse Agentur, FC Bayern has collected more Champions League bonuses this season than any other club in the current season. The Munich club received 68.82 million euros in the group stage alone, making it the undisputed leader.

More than 50 million euros up to the CL final

In the knockout phase, which begins tomorrow (Tuesday), the remaining 16 clubs will also receive attractive bonuses. For the round of 16, in which Bayern will meet Paris Saint-Germain, each participant will receive 9.6 million euros. 10.6 million will be paid for reaching the quarterfinals, and 12.5 million for participating in the semifinals. In the final, the winner will receive a further 20 million euros and the runner-up 15.5 million.

This means that the title winner will receive a total of 52.7 million euros in bonuses from the European Football Union from the round of 16 to the final. FC Bayern could collect a total of more than 120 million euros if they secure the trophy for the seventh time in the club’s history. Added to this are the spectator revenues from the home games in the Allianz Arena and distributions from the market pool in the double-digit millions.

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