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Herbert Hainer gives his statement at AGM – „Bayern is debt free“

Herbert Hainer
Photo: IMAGO

Reelected president of FC Bayern München Herbert Hainer was in a good mood at anual board meeting. After winning another race for the president, he had a speech in which he had only good things to say:

„We questioned ourselves and considered what we could do better. A lesson we learned – we have intensified the exchange with you, members, over the past twelve months – especially on the subject of Qatar. We don’t always have to agree – but we have to keep in touch, FC Bayern is completely debt-free, and what’s more: we own 100% of the Allianz Arena and the FC Bayern Campus; everything is paid off.“

He also had a small callback on the chaos last year at AGM

„We all know last year’s AGM was not a glorious day for FC Bayern. It wasn’t the way we know and want to see FC Bayern. I made mistakes that evening too as the chairman of the meeting. I would like to once again formally apologize“ said 67-year old.

Even though he was criticized from a big portion of fans, he declared once again for the president role and he explained why:

„I would wholeheartedly like to continue to get involved as your president – with my experience from many years in business – and with a lot of heart and passion, which I, like all of you, have for this great club.“

In the end of his speech, he made a clear and big statement:

„We will continue to follow our path and keep developing new ideas; we have the highest goals – that is also your ambition as our fans. We also want to remain a role model socially, because this social commitment is part of our club DNA. Bayern must always remain Bayern and it will continue to grow and always be on the highest level possible!“

It is clear that the mood inside the club is much different than last year and it looks like that the board finally have all strings matched together, and now it remains to see will all this big mood translate to the pitch.

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