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Uli Hoeneß criticizes Bayern Munich for giving up a 0-2 lead

Uli Hoeneß
Photo: IMAGO

Former Bayern president and the most responsible man for Bayern being the club as it is today, Uli Hoeneß gave his thoughts on yesterdays game against Borussia Dortmund.

Legendary Uli first gave a comment about Julian Nagelsmann and the criticism for him after the game:

„There’s absolutely no reason for a discussion about the coach. Firstly, we started with three wins and secondly, we’re still within reach of the top of the table. And I’m convinced that when everything returns to normal, we’ll soon be top of the table again“

But after this he still criticized the behahiour of the team after they scored the goal for 2:0:

„It’s actually not Bayern-like – if you lead 2-0 then you should win the game. Bayern-like is just to have a lot of self-confidence and say to the others: Now there’s still more to come and then you hit them with the third goal“

In the end he is not angry about the situation in the club with recent results and expects the whole team and the coaching staff to get everything back to the track, but he reminds that the game lasts 90 minutes and that you need to be fully concentrated for the whole time:

 „We played in front of 80,000 spectators at probably the second best club in Germany. We played an excellent game for over 70 minutes. But in the last 20 minutes we didn’t take advantage of our chances and gave Dortmund the chance to come back, that should not happen against any team. Teams needs to know that they have to be in their full strenght for the whole game and wait for the final whistle to stop.“ said Hoeneß

Someone would expect a person like Uli to be more angry about everything that happened in the last 4 weeks, but it looks like that former president believes in the idea of this team and its coach which some fans won’t like after reading these statements.

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