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Oliver Kahn speaks on the failed Haaland transfer

Haaland & Lewandowski
Photo: Getty Images

Failed transfer of Erling Haaland to FC Bayern München is hurting a lot of fans after his amazing start in Manchester City. In recent interview with „SPORTBILD“, Oliver Kahn was asked about Norwegian striker and here is what Bayern CEO had to say:

„We don’t need to discuss Haaland’s quality, what I also like about him is his mentality. Haaland is a typical striker who goes onto the pitch with only one thought: I want to score goals, this also distinguishes Robert Lewandowski. Strikers like the two only see their happiness in that. Now he has 14 goals in eight league games with Manchester City. He’s in top form“-Kahn said

Kahn also made a comment about a possible verdict that made Haaland’s choice to be Manchester City and Premier League and what actually makes a difference in the current differences between English clubs and German clubs:

„When I think about the topic of Haaland, I have to think about the discrepancy between the Bundesliga and the Premier League. It’s not just about the difference in TV revenue, but also that Manchester City is a club backed by investors who have exorbitant opportunities, If we want to keep up, we as a club, but also as the Bundesliga as a whole, have to give it a lot of thought. But that’s exactly what we’re already doing and we must do that if we want to have players like him in this league and the club.“ said legendary goalkeeper

It was heavily rumored that Bundesliga could introduce a playoff tournament in the next years to bring more sponsors, and attention and to create more attraction and unpredictability to the league but there are other factors that could increase the finances of the clubs like modifying the 50+1 rule, but we are still far away from all of that.

Talents like Haaland, Jadon Sancho, Kevin De Bruyne, and even Leroy Sane all left the Bundesliga when their development to the next level was done, and all of them only saw Bayern as a serious next step. However, they still favored a move to the Premier League clubs over the German champion because of their massive financial and marketing advantage.

Jude Bellingham is reportedly on his way out from the Bundesliga next summer, and he will be just one of the examples of all of this.

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