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Rumor: Bayern Munich worried for Serge Gnabry’s poor form

Serge Gnabry
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Due to the recent performances, several Bayern Munich players are now seen critically not only outside but also within the Bayern board. According to reports, the board is heavily disappointed with Serge Gnabry’s poor run of form.

What’s going on with Serge Gnabry? German TV station  „SPORT1“ reports that Bayern are feeling helpless towards Serge Gnabry’s form. The winger started the season quite well by scoring 3 times and making 3 assists in the first 4 competitive games. What followed was a long streak of bad form, which still continues.

Even with the German national team, Gnabry was anything but convincing. The 27 years old was subbed off after 45 minutes against Hungary and was only used as a sub for 22 minutes against England.

As per Sport1, Bayern are increasingly perplexed by Gnabry’s form, a form which has always been present even before this season. There exist no problem with his teammates nor with head coach Julian Nagelsmann. But the 27-year-old is said to be unhappy with the few minutes he is receiving

Bayern are also worried due to the fact that the extension of Gnabry was dragged for a very long time and they finally came to an agreement in the summer of 2022. Gnabry received a contract until 2026 with a reported salary of 18 million euro per year. The club, therefore, expects the German winger to come back to his old form from the 2019-20 season. With 23 goals and 14 assists, Gnabry played a key role in the Treble season.

Bayern have put all the stars under „very close observation“, including the reservist players too. The club believes that the players are responsible for the bad form of the entire team.

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