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Sadio Mane has become fans‘ most demanded Bayern jersey

Sadio Mane
Photo: Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich signed Sadio Mane from Liverpool FC in June and he has become one of the most exciting players at Bayern already

Although Sadio Mané has only played one half in the friendly against DC United so far, the versatile forward seems to be well on the way to becoming the new fan favorite in Munich. In terms of current jersey sales, Mané is already number one at FC Bayern: “Currently, it was Sadio Mané who had the greatest demand. You could see it in the first game when the players were introduced and the reaction was the loudest from him,“ explained Marketing Director Andreas Jung at the end of the Munich team’s US tour.

According to Jung, such a development is expected as Bayern signed an international star: „But I think it’s completely normal. He’s a new Bayern star that fans have great expectations of. Most of the time the fans want jerseys from players like him“

Even though they suffered a 1-0 defeat against Manchester City at the end of the trip to the USA, Jung draws a positive conclusion from the short trip that lasted just under a week: „I think there was much greater interest than on previous tours. We were here for the first time in 2014, it’s already the 5th time we’ve been here – and you can see that interest is growing every time.“

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