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Rumor: Barcelona preparing a 40 million euro offer for Lewandowski

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Bayern Munich have not responded to Barcelona’s first offer for Robert Lewandowski for weeks, they are already preparing a new offer for the Polish striker.

According to German TV sports broadcaster Sport1 Barça will promptly make a new offer for Lewandowski to Bayern. This offer will exceed the 40 million fee. With that, the Catalans would reach the demanded transfer fee from Bayern. It is likely that the club will let Lewandowski go for this specific sum

The first Barça offer of 32 million euros plus five million euros in bonus payments remained unanswered by the people in charge at Bayern. So far, there is still silence and no negotiations between both clubs. It will be exciting to see whether the Bayern bosses will stick to their position in preventing Lewandowski from leaving.

In Barcelona, ​​they still count on being able to sign Lewandowski in the summer. According to Sport1, Barcelona are confident that they will sign Lewandowski in the summer. On the other hand, Bayern Munich are close to finish the deal for Sadio Mane, and will most likely work on signing another striker.

Although Bayern bosses insist on Lewandowski staying, Barcelona bosses believe that Bayern are using the public statements to increase the price. And are hoping that Lewandowski would continue to push for a transfer, or maybe even go on „a strike“ at the club.

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