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Lewandowski makes it clear: „I don’t want to force a departure“

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Robert Lewandowski’s statements have caused unrest in Munich and most likely has turned the whole people and the Bayern fanbase against him. The Polish striker has now spoken about his behavior.

Lewandowski made it clear with his statements in the „OnetSport“ podcast this week that he no longer wants to play for FC Bayern, under no circumstances, now the Bayern professional spoke in detail to „BILD“ about his current situation.

The attacker denied the current rumors that he would like to force his move to FC Barcelona at any cost: „I said from the start that we should look for a solution that would be good for both sides. I think it’s better for Bayern to invest the money they can get for me than to keep me until the end of my contract. I don’t want to force anything, that’s not the point.“

Lewandowski is well aware that he is not in a good position due to his contractual situation. Nevertheless, he has made a clear wish to make a change: „I don’t know. I still have a year’s contract, so I asked the club for permission to move. I think it’s the best solution in this situation, especially since the club can still get me a fee. I would get the chance to take on a new challenge at another club for a few more years. That is my wish.“

Fans, media and experts have sharply criticized Lewandowski for his public statements and described him as an egoist who only thinks of himself and not the interests of Bayern. The FIFA World Player of the Year emphasized that this is not the case: “I am not an egoist. I know what I had at Bayern and appreciate it very much. I also know that I’ve been doing my best not to disappoint the club and the fans for the past eight years. After this time I feel that it is time for a new stage.”

In terms of time, the Pole made it clear that he was not pushing for a public mud fight with Bayern: „The emotions have to cool down, I want to speak calmly, not via the media. I know that a conflict makes a lot of headlines. But FC Bayern and I are not enemies.“

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