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Lewandowski on his future: „It’s hard to say if I’ll stay“

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Two weeks after the public announcement, Robert Lewandowski has once again commented on his future.

Immediately after the last Bundesliga matchday, the 33-year-old publicly announced that he did not want to extend his contract with FC Bayern and would want to depart in the summer.

Since then there has been radio silence, at least on Lewandowski’s part. His agent Pini Zahavi spoke up extensively this week and, in particular, sharply criticized the Bayern board and their alleged misconduct in the Lewandowski case.

Speaking to „Eleven Sports“ on Sunday, Lewandowski explained again that his point of view hasn’t really changed: „My future depends on several factors. I think my situation is clear and there is no point in talking about it. It’s hard to say that I will play for Bayern next season.“

The Polish striker followed up on “Sky” and indicated that a decision could be made in the near future: “The time will come to provide information. Soon it will be possible to say more.”

In Spain, reports are currently circulating that Lewandowski’s entourage is very confident that the desired move to FC Barcelona will go through.

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