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Report: Gnabry’s farewell coming closer – Real Madrid get serious

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Serge Gnabry’s farewell is coming closer and closer. There are no signs of extension being seen and the club is now preparing for the departure.

The talks between Serge Gnabry and Bayern Munich have stalled for months. The relationship between the club and the player is also said to be hardened as the player misses „appreciation“ from the bosses. The club has apparently offered Gnabry a salary of 17 to 19 million euros, unfortunately, Gnabry has recently rejected the offer.

BILD comes now with new developments. According to the German tabloid, the club is pushing harder for the transfer of Sadio Mane in order to put pressure on Serge Gnabry. The club is disappointed in Gnabry and is not willing to raise their offer more. Gnabry can imagine going into the season without extending the contract and leaving on a free next summer, a scenario that Bayern want to prevent at all costs.

According to BILD, Real Madrid are getting serious about Serge Gnabry after Kylian Mbappe’s deal collapsed. Gnabry himself can imagine a move to Spain, moreover, his friend David Alaba also plays in Real Madrid.

But Real Madrid is not the only club interested. Arsenal are also interested in bringing back their former player in London. Gnabry could also imagine a return back there, but with Arsenal missing out on the Champions League qualification, it could become hard.

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