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„A player can be frustrated and angry“ – Ribery sympathizes with Lewandowski’s decision

Franck Ribery
Photo: CHRISTOF STACHE/AFP via Getty Images

Robert Lewandowski has announced his decision to leave in the summer and has thus sparked a lot of unrest and debate at Bayern Munich and in Germany. Former club legend Franck Ribery has now commented on the decision.

Franck Ribery played with Robert Lewandowski from 2014 to 2019 before moving to Fiorentina and later Salernitana. The Frenchman and the Pole were able to win a few titles together, but unfortunately never the Champions League title. Ribery announced that he would leave the club in 2019 together with his Dutch partner Arjen Robben.

In an interview for the Polish portal „Wirtualna Polska“ [via SPORT1], the Frenchman, who took a similar path in 2019, understands Lewandowski’s decision to seek for a new experience after eight seasons at the club and 12 years in the Bundesliga: “Robert decided he needed a new challenge. I wish him that it will come true. Bayern are one of the biggest clubs in the world. But sometimes you just want and need to make a change. That is the case with Robert.“

Bayern Munich have let their approach known to the public that they will not be letting their striker go. Ribery seems to disagree with their decision and advises Bayern to be careful before taking such a risk: “A footballer who is forced to stay can be frustrated and angry. That’s why I hope they find a solution that makes everyone happy.“

Robert Lewandowski has won almost everything there is to win with the Bavarians and was crowned the world’s best player twice. The trophy cabinet with Bayern must be full, that’s why Ribery thinks that „it is normal to think about a change“, after being in for so long in Munich.

Although Barcelona have been in terrible financial conditions, in addition to having lost to Bayern Munich three times since 2020, Ribery can understand why Lewandowski prefers a move to Barcelona: “Barca is Barca. Sure, they have their problems and aren’t as strong as they were five or six years ago. But they are still great. Should Lewy leave Bayern, Barcelona would be a good choice.“

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