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Matthäus criticizes Bayern bosses: „No wonder Lewandowski wants to leave“

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Robert Lewandowski’s future at Bayern Munich is causing internal unrest. The bosses are highly being seen critically for handling the situation very badly. Former Bayern legend Lothar Matthäus has now criticized the bosses sharply.

For Matthäus, Lewandowski’s decision to leave doesn’t surprise him: „Alaba and Süle are gone in a very short time and to make matters worse they are also free transfers. And since that’s apparently not enough, Lewandowski isn’t interested anymore in staying, with all the fights, the loss of quality and the obvious chase after Haaland. There is no wonder why he wants to leave.“ wrote Matthäus in his „Sky“ column .

From Matthäus‘ point of view, the board simply took too much time to extend Lewandowski. After months of unsuccessful attempts to lure Haaland, the club has now been stuck between two fires. The outcome has now been known, Lewandowski wants to leave as a result.

„They should have given Lewandowski a clear and unequivocal signal a few months before that they wanted to keep him. I would have done anything to extend long-term with someone who won the best player in the world twice. An exception should have been made for him“, said the former World cup winner.

Matthäus claims that the reason why Lewandowski decided to leave are the unsuccessful attempts to sign Haaland months ago: „Bayern negotiated with Haaland and fought for him for so long until they accepted the fact that he rejected them. And then when the club wanted to approach Lewandowski, they realized that he couldn’t feel like it anymore.“

The departure of the Poland international from Bayern is not only a major setback for Bayern’s football, but also in terms of marketing: “Which Bayern player has been crowned world’s best player in the last 30 years? None! They finally have one, and this is how they treat him.“

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