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Bayern gives update on Davies‘ blow and Goretzka – „It’s obvious he still needed time“

Photo: IMAGO

Bayern Munich suffered a great defeat yesterday against Villareal who totally outclassed the Bavarians on the pitch. Alphonso Davies also made his comeback yesterday, but at the end of the game, he was feeling a bit dizzy.

Immediately after the final whistle, Davies sat near the touchline. The Canadian looked dazed and kept touching his head. Robert Lewandowski was the first to recognize the situation and immediately alerted the Bayern team doctors, who then accompanied the left-back to the dressing room.

Fortunately, Bayern have assured that there is nothing serious. Davies received a blow to the head just before the end of the game. The treatment by the doctors had nothing to do with his heart muscle disease, according to  „Sport BILD“ chief reporter Tobias Altschäffl

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann also confirmed in the post-match conference that Davies is in good physical condition: „It was obvious that he still needed time. It will take him some time to find his rhythm. But he is in good physical condition.”

Nothing serious for Goretzka

Leon Goretzka celebrated his comeback last week against SC Freiburg by also scoring a goal in the match. Unfortunately, he was not a first choice for the head coach in the Champions League quarterfinal fixture. Instead, Jamal Musiala took his place and Goretzka was fielded in the 62nd minute.

The 27 years old was also hit hard on his eye when attempting to score a header in the last minutes of the game. Villareal’s defender Pau Torres elbowed him in the box, which raised suspicion over a potential penalty awarded for Bayern. The referee or the VAR however did not intervene.

Although Goretzka shed blood, it doesn’t seem as serious as he looked in the pictures. According to Nagelsmann, it was a small cut: „He has a black eye and a small cut. It wasn’t intentional from Pau Torres, he didn’t see Leon. It was a brutal elbow, but I am not 100% sure whether it was a penalty or not“

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