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Post-match statements: „We’ve done well to just get away with 1-0“

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Disappointing performance from the Bavarians tonight as they lost 1-0 to Villareal in an important Champions League quarterfinal fixture.

A goal by Arnaut Danjuma decided everything in the game. Bayern were unable to create chances in the first half and showed slight improvements in the second half, where they were still caught by surprise by Villareal on several occasions who could have easily made it more than 1-0.

Here are the statements after the game

Julian Nagelsmann: “In the end, we deserved to lose. We weren’t good today. In the first half, we had very little power when defending and we didn’t have many chances to score. In the second half, the game was totally wild. We gave up control because we really wanted to score a goal, but we could have conceded two more. It wasn’t a good game for us. Villarreal can gamble, they are good footballers. It ended up being a lot of hara-kiri.”

Thomas Müller: “We didn’t have that power on offense. We started the second half with anger in our stomachs. Then it got a little wild. We’ll take the 0:1 with us now. If things went bad, it could have turned out worse. You have to show respect to your opponent. We now have to gather ourselves for the second leg and fight back. We wanted to today, but somehow we couldn’t. Our flanks and outnumbered situations on the wings often fizzled out, and we then made the wrong decision inside the box. I don’t know if the necessary liveliness was missing today.“

Joshua Kimmich: „In the first half we weren’t there at all. In the second we took more risks but then it got really wild. At the end of the day, we have to be honest and say we’ve done well to just get away with a 1-0. We didn’t play against an overwhelming opponent and we still made them strong. We didn’t show our qualities today. Luckily we still have a second leg and then we can show that we can do a lot better.”

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