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Former Premier League striker: „Kane is better, Lewandowski plays in Mickey Mouse league“

Robert Lewandowski
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Robert Lewandowski has many haters and fans. But it is certain the Polish striker is still making the Premier League fans absolutely insane even to this day.

Former Premier League striker, Gabby Agbonlahor, who played with Aston Villa, has made a bizarre statement regarding Robert Lewandowski. Even though Lewandowski has proved what a footballer he is, by winning the Sextuple, the UEFA Best Player award, finishing second in the Ballon d’Or, and winning two FIFA Men’s Best player awards, for the likes of him and the fanatic Premier League fans, Lewandowski still does nothing special.

But Kane who has achieved nothing besides a Top Scorer at the World Cup, that came mostly through penalties, is certainly „impressive“.

Agbonlahor tells ‚talkSPORT‘: „I feel that Lewandowski is an outstanding striker. His numbers are crazy but, as we said, he’s playing in the ‘Mickey Mouse’ league.“

It is highly likely that this man is seeking few minutes of fame by mentioning Lewandowski. But make no mistake, it also highly likely that half of the fanatic Premier League fans think the same too.

He continues: “Compare that to the Premier League with Harry Kane, how many goals has he scored in the Premier League? Put Harry Kane in that Bayern Munich frontline, how many does he score?”

But maybe he is right? Being the third all-time top goalscorer in UEFA Champions League below Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is not a big deal.


  1. Well Lewandowski has been doing it forever even from his Dortmund days.He even has a better ratio scoring against EPL teams.Lewandowski has never needed breathe from being the best number 9.Yes Bayern battered Tottenham Hotspur.The bundasliga ain’t that bad even Hamburg has a UCL.City nôr Tottenham hasn’t?.

  2. Gabby, you were shit period, hardly worth mentioning amongst world class players,
    Moving on, the league you degrading produce world cup winners, what has the overrated, overhyped, media clown league produced? Banking on Mickey mouse leagues: coaches and players, what’s wrong, trash league can’t produce world class coaches?

    Let me add another, Klopp, Tuchel, and Pep and some players come from that“mickey mouse league“, and as stupid as you sound, you praise them .

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