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Bayern legend Markus Babbel criticizes Lewandowski: „He has to show some gratitude“

Robert Lewandowski
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The uncertain future of Robert Lewandowski is definitely making the rounds in Germany. Some see the hesitancy of the bosses critically, some see Lewandowski as the culprit. A former Bayern Munich legend sees it the same.

There is unrest at Bayern when it comes to the extension of Lewandowski. Although the Pole will be turning 34 this year, he doesn’t seem to have aged badly, in fact, he has got much better with age. Since turning 30, he has scored more goals than he ever did in his 20s. Moreover, he also won everything with Bayern Munich, was instrumental in winning the Sextuple, and won two FIFA Men’s Best Player awards.

For an ex-Bayern Munch defender, Markus Babbel, the unnecessary complaints from Lewandowski are annoying him. Unlike many people, he feels that the goal-machine should show more gratitude towards the club.

„I don’t want to hear about the ‚appreciation‘. No player has received as much recognition as Lewandowski over the past 20 years!“, Babbel told Sky.

„Thomas Müller, for example, doesn’t turn this whole situation into a circus. This whining is annoying. Lewandowski earns 25 million euros and wants more. No other Bayern player earns that much!”

„Lewandowski should be grateful“

Markus Babbel hasn’t saved his criticism towards Lewandowski and has put the finger on the wound. He doesn’t seem to understand Lewandowski’s behavior and points out that he should be more grateful towards the club. The former defender also mentioned the period when Lewandowski was ‚flirting‘ with a departure every single year.

„There were times when he wanted to leave at once. Still, Bayern stood by him because they appreciate him a lot. There should always be a little bit gratitude, not just constant demands!“

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