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Report: Bayern Munich eye a 200 million euro extension deal with ‚Telekom‘

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Although Bayern Munich were able to celebrate great success during the corona pandemic, from a purely sporting point of view, with the historic 2019/20 sextuple season, the record champions like all clubs in the Bundesliga, extremely suffered financially from the crisis. According to media reports, Bayern are eyeing a new extension deal.

As the German magazine „Sport BILD“ reports, Bayern are currently negotiating a contract extension with their main sponsor Telekom. The German telecommunications company have been Bayern’s sponsor since 2002. According to rumors, the Bavarian giants earn 45 million per year from Telekom. With a new extension, this sum should increase again.

According to the newspaper, talks between Bayern and Telekom are being finalized. The new sponsorship deal should bring Bayern 50 million euros per season, which corresponds to an increase of more than ten percent. The old contract originally runs until 2023 but is bound to be renewed this summer with a duration of four years. The German record champions would thus receive a total of 200 million euros until 2026 in total. What is even more important, the annual sum could increase based on Bayern’s performances.

More deals are to follow

In addition to Telekom, Bayern would also like to extend the sponsorship of Allianz shareholders. The insurance company is a so-called „platinum partner“. The contract with Allianz expires in summer 2023. In view of the many years of cooperation and the fact that Allianz will hold the naming rights to the arena until 2030, an extension according to „Sport BILD“ information is very likely.

However, it is unclear how the controversial sponsorship with Qatar Airways will continue. The Bayern fans have been calling for a quick end to this partnership for some time. At the annual general meeting in November last year, there was a lot of trouble between the Bayern board and the club members. As „Sport BILD“ claims to have learned, Bayern will soon start talks with Qatar Airways. Club CEO Oliver Kahn should travel to Qatar personally and discuss whether the cooperation should be extended. Bayern have a contract with Qatar Airways until 2023 and they reportedly earn 20 million euro a year from the deal.

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  1. Yes if they can’t increase the Amount it’s better for the board to find a new sponsorship because we need extra funds for our club to be fetching fine Players,mind you our club is a Centuary and 20+ years so other clubs should be getting ideas from teams Like Munich,Madrid etc

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