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Leroy Sane: „I feel very comfortable at Bayern, I have big goals here“

Leroy Sane
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Leroy Sane joined Bayern Munich in the summer of 2020 after a long fight to lure him from Manchester City to Munich. Sane faced a difficult season due to the anterior cruciate ligament injury that sidelined him for 6 months. Now, he is back on track as he’s been before.

In an interview with „BILD am Sonntag“, Leroy Sane speaks on the goals he has at Bayern, Julian Nagelsmann, Hansi Flick, his future, and more!

… on the squad quality: „We have a very strong team, the quality is very high, we’ve shown that many times this season. We train hard to get even better. In the important games, we have to use our great potential!“

… on RB Salzburg: „We certainly won’t underestimate them, we know their strengths. But we’re the favorites, we’ll be 100 percent focused and we’ll do everything we can to get through to the next round. We have to be there from the first minute and show that we want to win. We have our fans behind us. We have to dominate the game, play to our strengths, and of course score the necessary goals.“

Leroy Sane also speaks on his gameplay and considers himself to be more of a team player than an individual player. Last season, Sane struggled on the right flank, but this season he shone once again as in the times at Man City.

„I feel very involved in the game. Everything has turned out great. But to be honest it doesn’t matter to me if I score the important goals or if someone else scores. The team counts. I focus completely on the game and always want to play a good game. That’s the most important thing. I’m just happy when we win.“

Sane also feels that he has a lot of room for improvement and is happy to do so: „I am far from able to say that I have nothing more to learn. I think it’s important that you always want to develop and improve yourself. I want to try to do everything I can in my career.“

… on Flick and Nagelsmann: They are among the best coaches we have in Germany. Hansi Flick has been in the business for a long time. Julian Nagelsmann has a lot of experience for a young coach. He knows exactly how to do things. I try to absorb what they teach us as much as possible in order to improve.“

Sane also says that he has no plan to have second thoughts about his time at Bayern Munich so far: „I have no thoughts of leaving. I feel very comfortable at Bayern, we play good football, a new generation is being built here, we have a young coach. I have big goals with the club. That’s all I think about.“

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