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Gnabry unhappy with his current position, Bayern demand more consistency

Serge Gnabry
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After Kingsley Coman’s recent contract extension, Bayern would like to retain Serge Gnabry in the long term. Even if the trend for the 26-year-old offensive player is basically positive, the talks are stalling. As has now become known, this is not only due to the salary demands of the German international.

The extension with Serge Gnabry is much more difficult than expected. The talks have been going on for months now, and an agreement is still not in sight. As the German magazine, “kicker” reports in Thursday’s issue, the club and the players are in constant contact. A “decisive progress in terms of content” has not yet been achieved.

Gnabry is unhappy with his role on the wings

According to reports, the salary demands of the 26-year-old are a real problem. According to rumors, he is asking for almost 15 million euros, which would correspond to a doubling of his current salary. The stumbling block is not only the salary demands but also the contract duration, which also has to be agreed upon by both negotiating parties.

On the other hand, as the magazine claims to have learned, Gnabry is not completely satisfied with his current role under Julian Nagelsmann. Gnabry is primarily used on the right flank as a wing-back, and he would like to play in an attacking role and more inside, because that’s where he showcases his goalscoring threat better, similar to that in the German national team. The defensive work rate on the back three preferred by Nagelsmann, are not optimal from the player’s point of view.

Bayern demand more consistency from Gnabry

Gnabry is not having a good season in terms of performances, despite the stats showing different. According to ‘kicker’, his poor performances have been noted at the club and they themselves would like Gnabry to perform more consistently if he wants to extend his contract in the long term.

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