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Bad atmosphere in the dressing room, Bayern players unsatisfied with Nagelsmann’s tactics

Kingsley Coman und Jamal Musiala

FC Bayern haven’t really presented themselves in top form in the past few games. The 4-2 defeat against Bochum and the 1-1 draw in the Champions League against Salzburg made it clear that the Bayern team hasn’t really started the year well. Bayern Munich have had problems recently, especially on the defense. According to current media reports, the defenders in particular are dissatisfied with Julian Nagelsmann’s attacking style of play.

In the past few days, reports have been circulating that Robert Lewandowski is not a real fan of Julian Nagelsmann’s offensive tactics. In recent games, the 34-year-old has often put five offensive players upfront from the start. As „BILD“ reports , not only is the Pole dissatisfied with this „all-out attack tactic“, the defenders at the record champions are also said to be frustrated.

Bayern stars want fewer tactical experiments

According to the newspaper, the players still have full confidence in their head coach, however, the defenders complain that the gaps at the back when tracking back are too big, which means that the defenders repeatedly get into one-on-one duels and often look bad.

This attacking approach „would not result in many more chances and goals scored“ because the players „are on each other’s feet“. This should also be a point of criticism from Robert Lewandowski.

Another point that causes a lack of understanding is the many tactical changes in the past few weeks. According to reports, the team would like to rely on a well-rehearsed formation in the hot phase of the season, without permanent system changes. As „BILD“ found out, the atmosphere in the dressing room is said to be ‚bad‘.

Nagelsmann consults with leading players

The players are worried that too many tactical experiments could backfire in the Champions League. According to BILD, Nagelsmann is aware that he is expecting a lot of new things from the players, which is why he consulted with the likes of Manuel Neuer, Joshua Kimmich, Thomas Müller, and Robert Lewandowski after the Bochum game. Nagelsmann is aware of the tactics not working, which he himself addressed publicly.

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