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Bayern coach? Reschke: „You have to discuss Mourinho seriously“

Jose Mourinho

After Bayern’s defeat against Borussia Dortmund, voices are being raised calling for the immediate departure of coach Thomas Tuchel. A big-name coach is now being mentioned as a possible interim solution until the summer.

The disappointing 2-0 defeat against Borussia Dortmund has finally ended Bayern’s hopes of winning the championship. Now there are calls for an immediate change of coach. Sky pundit Dietmar Hamann is calling for a separation before Munich’s first leg of the round of 16 tie at Arsenal London. „This is a good team, but still very inexperienced at this level. And now we have to see whether this is currently the best possible constellation to progress against Arsenal. For me, the management must ask themselves whether they will go into the next few weeks with Thomas Tuchel,“ said the former professional with a view to the opponents from London.

Dietmar Hamann sees José Mourinho as a potential solution. „I’m thinking about a Mourinho. You can think what you like about Mourinho, but at Chelsea, for example, the players loved him. He is also an excellent man professionally,“ said Hamann. He suggests that Bayern give him a contract until the end of the season, with an option to extend it. Hamann, who has repeatedly been at loggerheads with Bayern, continued: „Two, three or five-year contracts haven’t worked recently. And you have to set an impulse, because against BVB it was a revelation.“

Mourinho a „motivational artist“ with charisma

This opinion is echoed by Michael Reschke, the former Bayern squad planner, who describes Mourinho as a „motivational artist“ with charisma. Reschke said: „You have to discuss Mourinho seriously at Bayern“. However, he also emphasised that he does not know whether Mourinho is the solution for the struggling Bayern.

One thing seems certain: the current situation urgently requires a turnaround in order to at least have a chance of winning the Champions League. With a quarter-final against Arsenal just around the corner, Bayern are under enormous pressure. Hamann doubts Tuchel’s ability to reorganise the team: „You saw that yesterday and that’s why you should seriously consider whether you want to bring in another coach for the last few weeks.“


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