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„Something is missing in terms of character“ – harsh verbal attack against Goretzka and Sané

Leroy Sane

After FC Bayern’s 2-0 home defeat against Borussia Dortmund, two FCB stars are criticised harshly. A former Bayern professional lashes out at Leon Goretzka and Leroy Sané.

Mario Basler sharply criticised Leon Goretzka and Leroy Sané after FC Bayern’s 2-0 defeat against BVB.

With regard to the non-nomination of Goretzka for the last two international matches of the German national team by national coach Julian Nagelsmann, Basler said in his podcast „Basler ballert“: „Julian Nagelsmann did everything right. The way Goretzka ran around was a complete disaster.“

The 55-year-old continued: „So if I had to grade him, Goretzka would have got a 7 from me. That was subterranean.“

Basler fully understands why Nagelsmann is no longer backing Goretzka: „Of course, I don’t want to dwell on this one game, but it just showed me that Goretzka lacks a bit of character,“ said the 1996 European champion. Balser added: „In a game like this, when I know that the national team coach is sitting up in the stands, I have to do everything I can and say that I’ll punish him and show him that he’s made a mistake. But he’s only confirming what Nagelsmann said.“

Basler on Sané: „He also thinks he invented football“

Sané also got his comeuppance from Basler: „Sané, I don’t know what he’s thinking, what a great footballer he is.“

Basler, who was under contract with FC Bayern from 1996 to 1999, continued: „He also thinks he invented football. He has lost all sense of tackling. He keeps dribbling into three people.“

Basler could even understand if Nagelsmann didn’t take Sané to the European Championships: „I have to say, even with Sané, if I were Nagelsmann, I would take a close look at whether I would even include him in the squad. With his form, with his performance, with his body language, but also with his performance, nobody can be satisfied with that.“

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