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Kroos defends Sané: „There will be no problems with Leroy!“

Leroy Sane
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Former professional Felix Kroos recently criticised Leroy Sané and his role in the German national team. The 35-year-old has doubts as to whether the Bayern professional can really help the DFB team at the European Football Championship. His brother, DFB star Toni Kroos, has a very different opinion of Sané.

Even though Leroy Sané did not take part in the current DFB international trip due to an ongoing ban, the 28-year-old FC Bayern professional is an integral part of national coach Julian Nagelsmann’s plans for EURO 2024. It remains to be seen what role the winger will play at the European Football Championship. However, Toni Kroos is firmly convinced that the DFB team needs Sané.

In his podcast „Einfach mal Luppen“, he emphasised how important Sané is for the German team: „I believe that we in Germany cannot do without a player with Leroy’s qualities. I’m 1000 per cent convinced of that. He will be incredibly important in this tournament.“

„The coach decides who is in which role“

Interestingly, the Real professional contradicted his brother, saying that Sané would not be prepared to accept a reserve role: „I would really like to explain that: It starts with the fact that I know Leroy – also from the human side. The coach decides who is in which role. But whatever happens, there will be no problems with Leroy,“ the midfielder clarified.

According to Nagelsmann, Sané is currently in the role of the challenger: „If you look at the current group, it works on an interpersonal level. Leroy is a great guy. For him, it’s also about fitting in. He’s joining a group that works well. The three-match ban is a burden,“ he explained before the test match against the Netherlands.

However, the national team coach also has no doubts that Sané does not fit into the team in terms of character: „We are holding role discussions with everyone. He has an excellent character.“

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