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Secret training: how Kimmich prepares for the end of the season and the Euros

Joshua Kimmich

Bayern star Joshua Kimmich is having a mixed season and has had to move from his favourite role in central midfield back to right-back. It has now been revealed that the Bayern star is preparing for the end of the season and the upcoming European Championship in an unusual way. Instead of training in his usual FC Bayern surroundings at Säbener Straße, Kimmich is choosing a special location for his training.

According toa report in BILD, the 29-year-old midfielder is completing extra sessions with a private trainer on the Lahm-Platz, an artificial pitch in the west of Munich. The pitch is named after the 2014 World Cup winner and former Bayern player Philipp Lahm. Kimmich is putting in extra shifts and wants to fight his way back after some sporting disappointments.

Instead of FC Bayern’s training facilities, the German international has opted for the facilities at FT Gern, almost nine kilometres away from the club’s grounds. Here, where Lahm’s career once began, Kimmich is working on his qualities at right-back. This is where he recently played for Bayern again and where national coach Julian Nagelsmann is also planning to train him for the upcoming home European Championships. The training focusses on specific skills such as flank runs and chip shots.

Gnabry also trained on the Lahm pitch

The private coaches supporting Kimmich in these sessions are from the Munich Football School (MFS). An institution that specialises in individual training and also coaches youth teams and holiday camps.

In recent weeks, Kimmich is said to have trained on the Lahm pitch several times, sometimes together with his team-mate Serge Gnabry. The hope is that this extra effort will not only improve Kimmich’s game, but also lead Germany to success at the home European Championships. Both the German national team and FC Bayern can hope that the 29-year-old will build on the performances of Bayern legend Lahm.

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