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With the DFB team: Müller wants to unsettle Leverkusen stars

Thomas Müller

Thomas Müller is a fox. Apparently, the Bayern star is using his time with the national team to make his Leverkusen colleagues a little nervous in the title fight. At any rate, one Bayer professional reports little mind games.

FC Bayern no longer has the German championship in its own hands. They are ten points behind Bayer Leverkusen with eight games remaining.

But Thomas Müller has not yet given up on the title. „We still want to stay in the league and give the football gods the chance to keep up the clichés. It doesn’t look like runners-up Kusen, but there are still a few points up for grabs. Let’s see,“ he said recently in his usual relaxed manner.

So far, Xabi Alonso’s team have not done Bayern the favour of falling flat. Bayer have won all of their Bundesliga matches following their 3-0 victory in the top match against FCB.

As the football gods have so far refused to help, Müller is using his time with the DFB team to take matters into his own hands.

Andrich reports on Müller’s teasing

Apparently, the 34-year-old is trying to unsettle his Leverkusen team-mates a little. „Of course, there’s the odd funny remark in return. Thomas Müller is also a guy who likes to tease and perhaps wants to make us Leverkusen players a little nervous,“ said Robert Andrich in an interview with Sport1.

In addition to Andrich, two other Leverkusen professionals, Jonathan Tah and Florian Wirtz, are in the squad for the international matches against France and the Netherlands. The upcoming Bundesliga games will show whether the trio will really be unsettled by Müller’s comments.

For now, however, the national team has priority, emphasised Andrich: „That’s why we’re mainly talking about football here – that’s more important now than club football.“

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