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After his football career: Kane flirts with a move to the NFL

Harry Kane

Will we soon see Harry Kane playing in the US football league NFL? According to his own statements, the Englishman can definitely imagine playing in the NFL.

At 30, Harry Kane is definitely no longer one of the youngest professionals at FC Bayern. It remains to be seen how long the striker will continue to chase goals. Kane now seems to be thinking about what will happen to him after his active football career.

The FCB star has only revealed that he can imagine working as a kicker in the NFL. „Possibly,“ explained the top striker in an interview with the German edition of Sports Illustrated when asked whether he sees himself wearing a helmet and shoulder pads at some point: „That’s at least something I have in the back of my mind.“

„Maybe I’ll start practising a little“

According to this, Kane can definitely imagine playing as a so-called kicker in the NFL. In American football, this player is responsible for kicking the ball through the goalposts at either end of the pitch after a touchdown to secure an extra point for his team.

As a long-serving footballer, Kane is basically suited to this position. However, the attacker says he still has a lot to learn: „As I approach the end of my career in football, I might take a closer look at it and start practising a bit.“

Kane wants to play football for many more years

Kane would not be the first Bundesliga professional to switch to American football. Manfred Burgsmüller – the fifth-best scorer in league history – was a kicker for the Düsseldorf American football team Rhein Fire between 1996 and 2002 and won the World Bowl twice.

However, before Kane embarks on a second career in the USA, the England international would like to pursue his current profession for another year or two: „I have the feeling that I still have many, many years ahead of me as a footballer – but so much can happen, things change so quickly.“

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