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Daum on the Tuchel situation: FC Bayern like a „patchwork family“

Christoph Daum
Foto: Getty Images

Thomas Tuchel is currently being criticised not only for sporting reasons. Christoph Daum is also criticising the Bayern coach’s statements in public and dares to make a curious comparison.

There is a lot at stake for FC Bayern on Tuesday. In the Champions League against Lazio Rome, it’s probably their last chance to win the title this season.

But for Christoph Daum, the record champions are not making a good impression ahead of the important round of 16 second leg.

„We keep saying that you have to act with one voice, but at Bayern Munich you often get the feeling that you’ve got any number of voices from different areas,“ criticised the former Bundesliga coach on Sky.

There is more „acting alongside each other instead of for each other“, Daum continued. He sees „no unity at all anymore“, said the 70-year-old and made an interesting comparison: „For me, it gives the impression of a patchwork family.“

Daum calls on Tuchel to lie

Coach Thomas Tuchel has his part to play in this situation, emphasised Daum. „A coach also has the task of putting himself in front of the team when things aren’t going well,“ said the multiple championship-winning coach in reference to Tuchel’s recent interviews in which he criticised the team.

Internally, Tuchel can be harsh with the team, but not in front of the cameras, criticised Daum. „Who doesn’t think it’s great when someone is honest? Everyone thinks that’s great. But in a situation like this, I lie for my team because I stand in front of my team and protect them.“

Lothar Matthäus also criticised Tuchel for his interviews. „He always goes after the team. He’s actually always the one who doesn’t make mistakes and the players make the mistakes and you don’t want to hear that as a player.“

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