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Trouble with Eberl? What’s behind Tuchel’s phone message

Thomas Tuchel

Even though Thomas Tuchel will leave FC Bayern at the end of the season, the 50-year-old wants to give his all until his last day at Säbener Straße. The Munich head coach has made it very clear in the Tel case that he does not want to be talked into his work – not even by new sporting director Max Eberl.

Max Eberl outed himself as a big fan of Mathys Tel at his inaugural press conference. According to the 50-year-old, the Frenchman is the perfect example of how Munich has enough talent in its ranks, but it needs to be utilised in the professional game. This is precisely what Eberl wants to work on in the future.

Many fans, media and experts have seen Eberl’s statements about Tel as a side swipe in the direction of Thomas Tuchel. The head coach reacted somewhat „huffily“ when asked about this topic: „I think that I am and will remain responsible for the line-up. I’ve never experienced it any other way, not even here. I assume that it will stay that way. I don’t see any conflict with Tel,“ he emphasised on Friday at the matchday press conference ahead of the league game against SC Freiburg, pointing out that Tel „has never played as many minutes as he has“.

„Tuchel wanted to draw a red line“

As SPORT1 reporter Stefan Kumberger reports, Tuchel sent a clear signal to Eberl with his statement on the Tel case: „Thomas Tuchel has drawn a red line. He has made it clear that despite Max Eberl and the other alpha males at the club, he will make the line-up and he will continue to do so.“

According to Kumberger, Tuchel could have handled this „a little more gallantly“, but the FCB coach deliberately wanted to „knock him down a peg“ and counteract the rumours that „he was just a lame duck“, said the Bayern insider.

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