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After UEFA fan exclusion: Bayern considers lodging an appeal

The UEFA Disciplinary Committee has imposed a harsh penalty on FC Bayern. The German record champions will have to do without the support of their away fans at their next Champions League match. According to club boss Jan-Christian Dreesen, Munich are considering lodging an appeal against the ban.

The decision to ban fans follows incidents at the Champions League match against Lazio Rome. The Bayern fans attracted negative attention during the 1-0 defeat on 14 February due to the use of pyrotechnics and the throwing of objects.

Bayern CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen described the decision as „very harsh“ and emphasised that the club had already taken measures to avoid such incidents in future: „We had urgently asked our supporters to refrain from pyrotechnics,“ said Dreesen. He added that the team would now lose „an important source of support“ and that the fans, who have always behaved correctly, would be particularly affected. However, he also announced: „We have requested the reasons for the decision and are examining the possibility of an appeal.“

Bayern fans were already on probation

The penalty includes not only the exclusion of fans, but also a fine totalling €50,750 for setting off pyrotechnics and throwing objects.

The Bayern fan scene was already under particular scrutiny after the club had been warned for similar offences in the past. This included the group match in Copenhagen, when Bayern fans also used pyrotechnics. The latest incidents in Rome have now led to UEFA carrying out its threat and converting the suspended sentence into an active penalty.

Bayern must first make amends with their fans in their home Allianz Arena for the 1-0 defeat in the first leg of the round of 16 in Rome. Should they reach the quarter-finals, they now face an away game without fans. That would not make the task any easier for Tuchel’s team. If FC Bayern are eliminated by Lazio Roma, the team can expect to play without their fans next season in the new CL mode.

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