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Mané out? Bayern bosses have made a decision!

Sadio Mane training
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Sadio Mané’s fight with Leroy Sane in the dressing room after the defeat against Man City has caused a lot of unrest at FC Bayern. Those responsible at the Isar have now decided what to do with the 31-year-old after the scandal.

According to reports, the Bayern bosses were „shocked“ when they learned of the incident between Mané and Sané. The Munich newcomer threw a punch at his team-mate Sane after the 3-0 defeat against Manchester City on Tuesday evening.

According to rumours, the Senegalese was even threatened with being kicked out of the record championship. However, as „SPORT1“ reports, this will not happen. Therefore, Bayern have made a decision: According to the report, there will be no expulsion of Mané, the 31-year-old offensive player will remain a Bayern player.

Exact punishment still pending but suspended until further notice

While a sacking has been ruled out, it is still open whether and what punishment exactly the Senegalese will receive. According to the TV channel, Bayern will release an official statement by the end of the week. Coach Thomas Tuchel will already address the occasion on Friday at the press conference before the home match against TSG Hoffenheim. As per „BILD“ the has been suspended by FC Bayern until further notice.

Mané and Sané spoke out on Thursday in the presence of Bayern bosses and subsequently apologised to the team for the incident.


  1. Lair Lair Lair FCB INSIDE

    Because Sadio Mane is African thats why they punish him.

    What about Sane?

    Mane have achieved everything in football and he will always have a club to play.

    What did Sane achieved in football??? Nothing.

    When you give news, speak the truth don’t lie

    1. It is not about achievement here… And Sane is also African/Senegalese, so this point actually does not make any sense. We are just reporting what German media confirmed.

  2. Right from the start it was a bad move from Sadio Mané. He had everything at Liverpool (that is badly needing him, as none of his replacements have come even close to him… except maybe Luis Diaz who has been injured) I don’t know what he was looking at Bayern Munich (great team, don’t get me wrong) but the chemistry isn’t there, and on top of that he’s been dealing with injuries

  3. As you know I’m Man City and Sane use to be one of my favourites at the club.
    I have great respect for Sadio, a brilliant player, Mr. Liverpool.
    Sad to see things has come to this. But like I said, football is a passionate game. They must have fallen out over their passion. No drama, fine them both and move on. Bigger fish to fry…return leg.

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