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Expensive interview: Manuel Neuer faces a million-euro fine at FC Bayern!

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The critical statements in the direction of FC Bayern could cost Manuel Neuer dearly. According to current media reports, the 36-year-old is facing a draconian fine for his interview.

Manuel Neuer is not the first Bayern professional in the club’s history to publicly criticize the Munich club management. However, the last comparable incident took place some time ago. In 2009, Philipp Lahm made critical comments about those in charge in an interview with the „Süddeutsche Zeitung.“

Rumor has it that Lahm was fined more than 50,000 euros at the time because the interview was not authorized by the club. Neuer also faces a fine, but it could be much more drastic.

Will Bayern impose a million-euro fine on Neuer?

As „BILD“ head of football Christian Falk reports in his podcast „Bayern Insider,“ FC Bayern’s player contracts contain very clear regulations regarding fines should there be any violations.

What is interesting is that while there used to be a fixed upper limit of up to 25,000 euros per offense, the amount of the fines is now regulated according to „the exact case of guilt.“ Accordingly, fines „up to one gross monthly salary“ are possible, as Falk claims to have learned.

In the case of Manuel Neuer, this could amount to a fine in the million range. According to rumors, the latter earns just under 20 million euros per year at the record champion, which could lead to a maximum fine of up to around 1.7 million euros.

Particularly piquant: According to Falk, it is even possible that Neuer will be asked to pay twice by Bayern. Once for his allegedly negligent ski tour and once for the deliberately conducted interview, without clearance from the club. From a purely legal point of view, the question of guilt in the skiing accident is a sensitive issue.

Whether there will be a fine at all, and in what amount, is an open question. According to „BILD,“ a meeting between Bayern bosses and Neuer will not take place until after the CL duel against Paris Saint-Germain.

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