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What Bayern players think about Julian Nagelsmann?

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Last 30 days have been a total stress for Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. Dissapointing results in the Bundesliga and big media pressure have surrounded young Bavarian coach in his dream with beloved club.

Luckily for him, whole board have showed support for Nagelsmann and they believe that good results will come really soon because of the quality that he has. But the players also have their word and here is what „SPORTBILD“ found about relationship between Nagelsmann and the players.

They believe that he improved in some areas in comparison to last season

The debut season of Julian Nagelsmann did not let a good taste in the mouth on and off the pitch. Players criticized the facts that he was more tactically obsessed with the opposition and not with his team and the thing that they did not like the most was that he lacked an empathy and did not have much individual conversations with them. This season both things have changed according to already mentioned „SportBild“. Another positive is that he is always defending them in the public which is liked by the whole locker room. Still he has some points that he needs to fix and here is what they still don’t like:

They think that he should be more calm on the sideline

Thing that Nagelsmann is most known for is his passion and show that he produces on the sidelines. Against Victoria Plzen he even lost his voice at one point and needed a doctor to check his throat. All of that sounds sympatic but the team does not like that and they believe that he should be less impulsive and explosive when he is on the other side of the pitch.

Inexplicable substitutions and tactical changes mid-games

In a lot of games this season Bayern had so many different faces during the game. For example in the game against  BvB after 70th minute whole tone for Bavarian side changed and everything looked more defensively oriented and no one understands why the coach made that tactical change and it is one of many that he made this and last season and locker room expects that to be changed and modified.

The lack of successful reactions to in-game situations

For this case we can only say one thing and that is inexperience. Even though Julian Nagelsmann made some big overachiements in his young career with Hoffenheim and Leipzig, he still does not have enough experience for big ingame reactions like some coaches. Real Madrid won Champions League last season due to brilliant decisions by Carlo Ancelotti during the games and no one expects Nagelsmann to be on that level now, but he would still need to react with more courage and take some risks if he wants his dream to be a beautiful one with great ending.

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