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Report: Bayern Munich introduce new COVID test rules for the players

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Following the sudden infections of Leon Goretzka, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller, and Joshua Kimmich, the club is aiming to introduce new test rules for the players

No more live training or interactions with fans.

According to BILD, the club has now banned any interactions with the fans during the training, and also their interactions outside the training could be watched and reported. The public training sessions were held on purpose as a way to connect the fans and the players. After the positive tests at Bayern, the club has now decided to restrict the interactions between the fans and the players during open training sessions.

PCR tests every 2-3 days

The PCR tests will also be done way more frequently in order to track the health status of the players. The players will have PCR tests every 2 to 3 days. Bayern is reportedly the only club that does tests very frequently in the Bundesliga as the club believes that the lack of PCR testing is among the reasons why there is a small outbreak within the team.

The players will also not be allowed to go to the Oktoberfest festival, as the city of Munich has had a drastic increase in infections since the opening of the traditional Bavarian festival.

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