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Champions Post-Match statements – Nagelsmann: „The first season was not a very easy one“

Julian Nagelsmann
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Bayern Munich clinched the 10th league title in a row against Borussia Dortmund by winning 3-1.

The goals by Serge Gnabry, Robert Lewandowski and Jamal Musiala sealed the victory and Bayern were able to write history by becoming the first team in history to win 10 league titles in a row in Europe’s top 5 leagues.

Here are the most important statements from today’s game:

Julian Nagelsmann: „I think we played well and deserved to be champions. I am very happy today. The boys delivered and showed that they were up for it! If we hadn’t won today, it would have been an unnecessary setback. We just wanted to make a statement. The year wasn’t that easy, so I’m glad we finished with the league. The beer shower felt very good, it was quite cold but I am still freezing.“

… on his first season: „I know that I can do things better. I’ll still keep my style, but adapt a few things. We’ll stick to the familiar basics a bit more and reduce the new and variable things a bit“

Manuel Neuer: „It’s always nice to do something new. We are all happy. In the end it was important to finish the season well after the CL exit. We didn’t want to let that affect us. You could tell that everyone wanted it, that’s what distinguishes the team.“

Robert Lewandowski: „That was a very nice moment, especially against BVB. The tenth league title in a row is a very big story for Bayern, but also for me. It’s always hard to become German champion. Every title win is different. We’ve always read that Bayern can be beaten. But we showed that we are the best team. I have to say the atmosphere wasn’t the best for the last two weeks. But we realized before the game that we could do something well today.”

Thomas Müller: „A lot of frustration has spread in the last few days. Everything is wonderful now. We kept up with all the pressure. No matter what is said from the outside and how the league is rated. Becoming German champion is simply the most beautiful thing. The Champions League is the icing on the cake, but winning the Bundesliga in front of the fans in the stadium, is not boring, it’s outstanding! The more you win, the more the greed increases“

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