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Is Pini Zahavi really manipulating Lewandowski to turn him away from Bayern?

Robert Lewandowski
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There are questions surrounding Robert Lewandowski’s future at Bayern Munich. Is the Pole slipping from Bayern’s hands? 

But first of all, we should all answer the question that is up on the headline. Is his agent truly manipulating Lewandowski and make him think that the club do not really need him? Well, that is to be found out.

According to Christian Falk (via, Pini Zahavi is trying to turn Lewandowski and Bayern against each other, by ‚brainwashing‘ him, into thinking that Bayern values other players more than him. Apparently, the agent has told Lewandowski that the club wants Haaland. The contract talks with Lewandowski will certainly be difficult, since the agent is already in talks with Barcelona.

To answer the question, no. Lewandowski is not being entirely ‚brainwashed‘. Since it is the agent’s job to advise the player and represent him. Because certainly, Lewandowski knew what he was doing when he hired Zahavi.

And it is also certain, that Lewandowski is smart enough to notice how Bayern have pretty much been hesitant to extend him. Maybe because of Haaland? Or because the club has a bad relationship with Zahavi, and now the latter wants to have some sort of vendetta after what happened with David Alaba last year?

Falk also claims that Lewandowski would be open to move abroad since he has won and achieved everything in Munich. That is actually a very realistic and fair scenario. We of course hope that he could stay for much longer, but at the same time, we can also understand him for leaving, and the club for not wanting to pay him a lot of money.

Unfortunately in football, all good things will always soon come to an end. We should just be prepared enough to embrace it.

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