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Kahn responds to criticism: „I don’t understand the fuss over contract extensions“

Oliver Kahn

With Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller and Serge Gnabry, Bayern Munich would like to keep four top performers in the long term. However, the contract talks are not really goong smoothly for all players. The future of Lewandowski and Gnabry remains uncertain. Club boss Oliver Kahn is now annoyed by the ongoing contract discussions

Fans, media and pundits have been discussing and speculating for weeks about whether and how things will continue with Robert Lewandowski & Co. at Bayern after the current season. While the signs on Neuer and Müller are clearly pointing to contract extensions, with Lewandowski and Gnabry something different seems to happen. but this is anything but resilient. The club wants to hold both, but according to reports the chances of this are „only“ 50:50 in both cases.

„The players have their own demands“

In an interview with “ZDF Sportstudio”, club boss Oliver Kahn commented on the current situation at Bayern Munich and the planned extensions after the Bundesliga game against Union Berlin. The 52-year-old was visibly annoyed: „I don’t understand all the fuss about this topic. All three [Neuer, Müller, Lewandowski] are still contracted to Bayern until next season. We’ve always said we’re going to sit down with them and that’s a high priority for us. That hasn’t changed.“

Kahn also denied the criticism that the Bayern officials are behaving too hesitant: „I don’t know who came up with the thought that we are being hesitant. Things like this cannot be done overnight. The players have demands and we need to have conversations and get closer to each other. You need several talks, not just one.”

„I think there is no reason to leave Bayern“

When asked about Lewandowski’s sporting future, Kahn made it clear that Bayern are quite optimistic: „I think there is no reason to leave Bayern. The players have everything here. Lewandowski was crowned the best player in the world and has won everything here.“

„The players know what they have at Bayern“

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