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„Speaks the players‘ language“: Effenberg speaks out in favour of Kompany

Vincent Kompany
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The imminent appointment of Vincent Kompany as Thomas Tuchel’s successor is causing plenty of controversy. While some criticise the Belgian’s lack of success and limited experience as a coach, others are impressed by his style of play and charisma. Ex-Bayern star Stefan Effenberg is in favour of the almost completed deal.

Bayern’s long search for a coach, which has been characterised by many obstacles, appears to have come to an end. Munich have reached an agreement with Vincent Kompany and only need to finalise the transfer fee with Burnley FC. Stefan Effenberg would be delighted if the 38-year-old did indeed move to Munich.

„For me, Vincent Kompany as the new Bayern coach makes sense. And why not? He’s only 38 years old, he’s fresh, he certainly has a good team, he played for Manchester City for years, he’s seen it all – and: He speaks the players‘ languages, which I think is essential, especially at FC Bayern,“ he explained in his column for t-online.

Kompany spent two years in Hamburg before his great time in Manchester and was able to familiarise himself with the language and the league. However, the three years he spent with Pep Guardiola at the Sky Blues were probably particularly decisive for his coaching career. The former captain was inspired by the Catalan, which is why his playing philosophy is similar. „Maybe Kompany really will be a Pep Guardiola 2.0 at Bayern,“ Effenberg surmised.

Kompany has not yet reached the top as a coach

The biggest difference between Guardiola and Kompany, however, is their success as coaches. Kompany still has little to criticise in this respect. His time at Anderlecht was merely solid before he was promoted to the Premier League with Burnley, only to be relegated again by a similar margin. However, Effenberg does not see this as a problem.

„Yes, he would come from a Premier League team that was relegated. But on the other hand, there’s no guarantee that things will go well with a supposedly successful coach – we’ve seen enough of that at FC Bayern in recent years,“ Effenberg recalled. He is probably referring in particular to names such as Carlo Ancelotti and Thomas Tuchel.

Effenberg hopes that Kompany can now follow a similar path to Xabi Alonso, who was also inexperienced before becoming a coach: „That says everything about what a successful former player can quickly achieve as a young and hungry coach – and what he is capable of when everything fits.“

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