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„Incredibly painful“: Sané devastated after Real drama

Leroy Sané

Leroy Sané expresses his emotions after the bitter defeat in the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid. The outcome of the match has visibly affected the Bayern star. He shares his thoughts and hopes in a very personal message.

After the disappointing elimination from the Champions League, Sané spoke of a painful experience that hit him and the team hard.

„I’ve said it often enough recently. I want to go to the final. I want this title. For us! And now we know that’s not going to happen,“ the winger wrote on Instagram. Leon Goretzka had already sent an emotional message to all Bayern fans recently.

Sané emphasised the collective effort and cohesion within the team: „I’ve given everything, really given everything over the past few weeks. We’ve all given everything. But even after two days, it feels incredibly painful. We’re a team and we’re working through this together and we’ll come back even stronger.“

Interestingly, the international added the hashtags „#Finaledahoam“ and „#Miasanmia“. These seem to send a clear signal that his sights are already set on next season, when the Champions League final will take place in Munich. Sané seems determined to achieve this ultimate goal with FC Bayern.

Sané’s future still uncertain

However, the future of the 28-year-old remains uncertain. His contract with the Munich club runs until the summer of 2025, and when asked about this recently, he said: „I’m not thinking too much about it at the moment and am focussed on the here and now. But my managers are in contact with the club, so things will certainly get a bit more intense in the coming weeks.“

Leroy Sané has not only overcome sporting challenges this season, but also physical ones. Despite recurring injury problems, he has given his all for the goal of reaching the Champions League final. The unfortunate 2:1 defeat at Real Madrid shattered this dream for the time being – but the focus is now on the 2025 Champions League final in Munich.

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