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„Don’t just eat your steak!“: Sharp criticism of Bayern stars

Harry Kane
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FC Bayern’s stars have to put up with harsh criticism after the 2-0 home defeat against Borussia Dortmund. Lothar Matthäus is particularly outspoken.

Lothar Matthäus sharply criticised the FC Bayern players after the 2-0 home defeat against BVB: „If they had really wanted to, Dortmund would have had no chance again,“ said the record international on Sky.

Matthäus scolded: „What do they actually talk about when they meet for a team evening every now and then? They shouldn’t just eat their steak and drink a glass of wine, they should talk straight.“

The former Bayern star explained: „There are too many players in this team, and perhaps also people around them, who neither know nor exemplify what it means to work for Bayern Munich.“

Matthäus on Bayern: „Poor performances every few weeks“

The 63-year-old cannot understand why the Bayern professionals showed so little commitment in the match against Dortmund: „It’s against Borussia Dortmund, their biggest rivals in recent years, and half the world is watching. It’s not just all the fans who come to the stadium for a lot of money who can trust that their heroes will tear themselves apart for this jersey.“

Lothar Matthäus
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Matthäus‘ conclusion is clear: „Every few weeks, Thomas Tuchel’s team delivers inexplicably poor performances.“

Bayern could experience a title-less season this year. They were knocked out of the DFB Cup in the second round against third-division side Saarbrücken, while they are already 13 points behind league leaders Bayer Leverkusen in the Bundesliga table.

In the Champions League, however, they are still in the running: The German record champions will face FC Arsenal in the quarter-finals of the premier class. The first leg will take place on 9 April in London, the second leg on 17 April at home in the Allianz Arena.

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