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Interim coach at Bayern? Expert brings Klose into the conversation

Miroslav Klose

Following the sobering 2-0 defeat to Borussia Dortmund, various parties are once again talking about replacing Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel before the end of the season. One of them: former football commentator Marcel Reif. In his „Reif ist live“ programme, he questioned the record champions‘ short-term prospects of success under Tuchel and suggested a possible temporary successor.

When asked whether FC Bayern would be well advised to consider ending their collaboration with Tuchel even sooner, Reif replied: „Football is a results-based sport. That doesn’t change. If the results aren’t right, you make a long-term solution and in the short term you ask yourself: What just happened on Saturday?“

„Lame duck at its worst“

Back in February, Reif had said that he couldn’t imagine Tuchel being a „lame duck“ in his final months in office. He has now revised that: „What the team delivered on Saturday in co-operation with their coach was lame duck at its worst. If they play like that against Arsenal, their chances of progressing are nil.“ It was important for the BILD expert to make it clear that he is not calling for Tuchel to be replaced immediately: „That’s not my beer. It’s not my place to answer the question. I can’t answer that with either yes or no.“

Former Bayern striker Klose as an alternative?

When asked whether there was currently a conceivable alternative for Reif, he replied: „I once had the thought of Miro Klose. He has a Bayern gene and a sporting CV and he’s in the country.“ Klose himself was relieved of his duties during his first stint as head coach at Austrian Bundesliga club SCR Altach in March 2023. He has recently stated on several occasions that he would like a new job as soon as possible. „I would like to take on a new role as soon as possible. But it just has to fit“.

Among other things, Klose had been discussed as Maurizio Sarri’s successor following his departure from Bayern’s Champions League round of 16 opponents Lazio Rome. There was also speculation about a possible engagement at second division club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. However, neither collaboration ultimately materialised.

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