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Curious: Real stars argue about Bayern defenders

Eric Dier

In the world of football, discussions about the best players and tactical decisions often lead to heated debates – not only among fans, but also within teams. One such discussion recently broke out among the Real Madrid players, as a leaked video reveals.

The discussion centred not on the usual suspects such as Kylian Mbappé or Erling Haaland, but on two FC Bayern Munich defenders: Eric Dier and Dayot Upamecano.

Eric Dier’s transfer to FC Bayern in the winter has reshuffled the cards in the Munich defence. Upamecano, who was previously a permanent fixture, recently had to take a seat on the Bayern bench after a number of slip-ups. This development has obviously also caught the attention of Real Madrid’s stars. Midfielders Jude Bellingham and Aurélien Tchouaméni had a heated discussion.

Although their names were obscured in the video, Tchouaméni later confirmed that their conversation was indeed about Dier and Upamecano. „We weren’t talking about Kylian and Erling, but about Eric Dier and Dayot Upamecano. Jude talked about Dier and I talked about Dayot,“ said Tchouaméni. The debate was not only of a sporting nature, but also characterised by national solidarity. Both players defended their respective compatriots.

Dier „is a great guy“

England international Bellingham was effusive in his praise of Dier: „He’s a great guy, he’s incredible.“ This statement was met with a simple „we don’t care“ from Tchouaméni, Upamecano’s French team-mate. The discussion took another turn when Bellingham questioned Tchouaméni’s preference for Upamecano: „He’s better than your mate“. Tchouaméni’s firm reply of „No, please, please, please, please, no“ left no doubt as to his loyalty to his compatriot and his ability on the pitch.

At present, the centre-back duo of Eric Dier and Matthijs de Ligt is a given for Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel. The harmony between the Englishman and the Dutchman seems to be right – so ex-Dortmund player Bellingham currently has the better arguments on his side.

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