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„Unusual ideas too“: Eberl gives insight into Bayern’s coach search

Max Eberl
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When he was introduced as FC Bayern’s new sporting director, Max Eberl named the search for a coach at FC Bayern as one of his main tasks. Now the FCB boss gives an insight into the current state of affairs.

Bayern sporting director Max Eberl has explained how the coaching search is currently going at FC Bayern. In an interview with Sport BILD, he reported: „We have a list that we want to work through in peace and quiet and hold talks in peace. Based on the information, feasibility and matches – club, squad, coach – we are trying to make the best decision.“

Xabi Alonso of Bayer Leverkusen is repeatedly mentioned as a top candidate. Eberl said of him: „He played for FC Bayern. But I don’t want to trigger the headline: ‚Xabi suits Bayern! I’m talking about the fact that he knows this club. He’s under contract with Leverkusen, can win the double there and also the Europa League. But to return to the question: There are coaches who suit FC Bayern, yes.“

Eberl reiterated that he has not yet spoken to a coach and has therefore not yet received a confirmation or rejection.

Sebastian Hoeneß was a candidate

When asked how many names are on the current list of candidates, the 50-year-old replied: „There are more than four, but not 40. It is our duty to think everything through once: unusual ideas also appear on the list.“

There are also names on the list that have not yet been discussed in the media, Eberl added.

Sebastian Hoeneß has also been mentioned as a candidate, but the nephew of Uli Hoeneß has since extended his contract with VfB Stuttgart. The Bayern sporting director commented: „With the extension, the topic has now been cancelled. But please: That doesn’t mean that Sebastian was our top solution and we would have received a cancellation.“

Mourinho? Eberl won’t say no

Asked about the candidate Jose Mourinho, Eberl said: „Of course we also look at coaches who are currently available.“

The new coach does not have to have worked in the Bundesliga beforehand, he explained: „If I were to limit myself in terms of language, age or coaching career, that would be a mistake. The focus is open and then becomes smaller. We want a coach who won’t be here for a short time, but for the medium and long term. That is an important constant in terms of squad planning and strategy. The frequent changes of coach have recently been a problem for the club.“

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