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Tuchel-PK to read: „Leon Goretzka is of course very disappointed“

Thomas Tuchel

FC Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel answers questions at the press conference ahead of Saturday’s Bundesliga match at Darmstadt 98. You can read his statements here.

Tuchel on opponents Darmstadt

„The starting position is clear, but we won’t stumble. We have everything to lose, Darmstadt have everything to win. That’s the task, it’s not the first time we’ve done that. The team has trained completely like this, which is also due to the fact that the competition is increasing. I’m convinced that we’ll go into the game with the right attitude. Darmstadt may have lost against Leipzig, but they had plenty of opportunities.“

Tuchel on the favoured opponent in the Champions League

„Two byes, but we won’t get through with that. That’s why we’re not wishing for anything. We’re happy and proud to be in the draw. It was our ambition to be in the last eight. We deserve to be in the quarter-finals. Now you need a bit of luck. Of course, there are teams that might suit you a little better than others. Anything is possible from now on. We’ll look at it together. This is a PK for Darmstadt. We’ll watch it with the staff. At 2pm it’s clear that we’re heading for Darmstadt. We have to deliver tomorrow to stay in contention and live up to our own expectations.“

Tuchel on Leroy Sané, who is suspended for the international matches

„He has to deliver tomorrow, otherwise he’ll have to train every day. My favourite thing is that he plays and plays and plays. We have to bridge it well for him, he’ll be here and train, treat the aches and pains. But tomorrow he has to deliver, that’s where all the focus is.“

Leroy Sane
Photo: IMAGO

Tuchel on Neuer’s comeback

„Maybe one in 20 million players can do that. You can’t rate it highly enough. To be so stable all the way through rehab, even with setbacks. All the doctors, rehab coaches and physios who treated him deserve the highest praise. What Manu has pulled off cannot be praised highly enough. It’s unique. It’s a great gift to be able to experience him like this. It’s all a great reward for him. His goalkeeping, his charisma and his anticipation are unique. The way he got there is more than just impressive and he deserves the utmost respect.“

Tuchel on the use of data

„We also use data and statistics to compare our feelings and scrutinise ourselves. We don’t make isolated judgements based on data alone. The flood of data is enormous, we’ve developed a very good system for staying on top of data that helps us. But you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that experience, intuition and a feel for a situation will always remain a coaching task.“

Tuchel on the national team squad

„The nominations are Julian Nagelsmann’s decision. It’s not my job to comment on that. We always push our players. Leon Goretzka is naturally very disappointed, it’s a tough decision. We’re pushing him, he’s been very good recently and has also trained well. I fully expect him to play tomorrow and to play well.“

Tuchel on the defence duo Dier/De Ligt

„They win games, work well together and also with the full-backs and back sixes. There’s no reason to change, only when you see the quality of Dayot Upamecano and Minjae Kim. But they have a good chance of starting again because they’ve played very well recently.“

Tuchel on new father Manuel Neuer

„He’s already had a two-day break! (laughs) He’ll be in goal tomorrow. Inspired as a dad!“

Tuchel on the personnel for Darmstadt

„Only the injured are missing: Kingsley Coman, Noussair Mazraoui, Bouna Sarr and Tarek Buchmann. The quality in the game and in training is increasing. We want to prove that again tomorrow.“

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