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Breitner tells Tuchel off: „Boss who gives you such a thick throat“

Thomas Tuchel

For Paul Breitner, there is one main culprit behind FC Bayern’s mixed season. The club legend explains the problem surrounding Thomas Tuchel with a comparison to his professional life.

Who is mainly to blame for the fact that FC Bayern’s 2023/2024 season could end without a title? The players, the coach, the board? There are different opinions on this.

„I’m not the only problem,“ coach Thomas Tuchel recently made clear. Bayern legend Paul Breitner sees things completely differently. For him, Tuchel is the main reason for the record champions‘ mixed performances in the current season. He did not hide this opinion as a guest on the Bavarian radio programme „Ringlstetter“.

No player plays badly on purpose, emphasised the 1974 world champion, comparing the relationship between coach and team to the situation in normal working life: „You have a master or a boss who gives you such a sore throat when you get into the car or train or tram in the morning to go to work.“

Paul Breitner
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Breitner: Good mood more important than upheaval

Breitner went on to say that Tuchel’s demeanour inhibits performance: „Everyone wants to do a good job, wants to perform well. But at a certain point you realise that you can’t do it. You don’t realise it. You want to, you want to, you want to and you can’t. That’s the issue and the big problem for me.“

That’s why the 72-year-old didn’t want to hear any talk of a major change at Bayern in the summer. „Why change? There’s a squad of 25 players, 20 of whom are international or even world-class.“ The team only needs one thing: „A good atmosphere.“

Breitner played for FC Bayern from 1970 to 1974 and from 1978 to 1983, winning the European Cup three times and the German championship five times. After his active career, he worked for FCB as a scout and brand ambassador.

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